Ubuntu 16.04 + Redmine 3.4.4 to U20.04 and RM4.2.3

Added by thomas mjelva over 1 year ago

Hi all!

In our company we have been running a redmine-instance on an AWS-server for a few years now. I set it up in the start of 2018, with Ubuntu 16.04 and Redmine 3.4.4, and its been running quite flawlessly for the most part.
However, we have had some expanding of our staff the last year or so, and i'd imagine with the heavier use, its started to become sliiightly unstable. Mostly logging into the EC2 screen on AWS, and just reboot the thing solves it.

However, my boss wants us to perhaps build our own server, and just host it locally, as that seems (to him) to be safer. Im not sure i would agree with him but im not gonna argue tooooo much either. (Fun new hardware to play with, and physical stuff if anthing really effs up).

In this process, id imagine it would be wise to upgrade to a new(er) version of ubuntu, as well as bump redmine to the most recent version as well. Hopefully that will fix the somewhat wierd handleing on the mobile phone version of the page.

To prepare myself for this, i've played around in AWS a little bit more, and with some modification of the ubuntu 16.04 guide (https://www.untrustedconnection.com/2018/01/redmine-passenger-and-nginx-on-ubuntu.html) i've gotten a 'clean install' up and running on the 20.04 server.

I've also managed to dump the SQL-database, and i've tried to import it on the new server, and it seemed to work. Atleast i got no errors :)

When I logged into the new site, i did get the login screen, but when i enter my U/P, i get an error.

I then found out that i have to migrate the DB, but its been going for about 2hours now, and the instance dont respond to anything (neither http or ssh), and the CPU is running at 100%.
(from this page, bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production)

We have about 15 custum fields, and about 20 users, and we just passed 4000 issues.

1. Is it normal for it to take so long time? (1core on AWS with 1gb ram, t2.micro server)
2. If i let it continue, whats my chances for it to work? (Mysql 5.7 on the old server, v8 on the new)
3. Any other tips and/or tricks?

Keep in mind, im just a 'general nerd'. Mostly a windows-user, but with some experience in linux. No formal programming or server-running schooling or otherwise, but lets just say i mostly know my way around a computer. Limited coding skills.