[SOLVED] Moving a working instance to a different domain

Added by Andrea Grillini 4 months ago

I'm definitely new to Redmine, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, so, please, be patient! Now I'm trying to hurry up, otherwise I would take my time to study some prerequisites.

I've been searching for such a subject, supposing it could be popular... no luck! :-(

What I did so far:

  • created a new subdomain
  • created a copy of the working instance file in another location
  • set up with cpanel the new Ruby app location (I'm moving in a shared hosting context)
  • created a different database and imported there the contents of the database of the working instance
  • made changes in database.yml of the hopefully new working instance to come

All I could get so fare is a white page with "Video" in it, linking to rtsp://b3webcam.lan:554/live/ch00_0

What am I supposed to do not to start from scratch?

Thanks in advance!



It turned out I dropped a static association for the chosen hostname in /etc/hosts and forgot it there, so I was landing on a different host without realizing it.
A silly mistake and I felt lost for nothing and wasted time. :-(
Changing location within the same shared hosting was definitely not that difficult as it seemed.