Is it time range border issue in RM exists

Added by Alexandr Kharlamov 3 months ago

I use RM and fill TS (spent time in it)

I used "between" option to filter TS for one week, half a month, etc.
Usually a first day of a month not included in a result.

For example I need spent time for a June 2022.
I set between filter to: from 2022-06-01 to 2022-06-30
But, time entered in 2022-06-01 not displayed.

I change filter to start from 2022-05-31 and time display correct in (June 01 2022)

With this I have a lot of discusses with my customer about proper time amounts.

My questions is:
- between filter include time range borders?
- how to fill spent time at first day of month correctly?