Error 500 after database migration

Added by Florian S. 5 months ago

We migrated Redmine 4.0.2 from a Windows Server 2012 R2 (Bitnami package) to a Windows Server 2022 running Redmine 5.0.3.
On the new server I also installed the Bitnami package, this worked. I created a SQL dump of the old database and imported it on the new server.
I can see all the projects and the contents, the login works as well. However, as soon as I click on a project, an HTTP Error 500 comes up. In the Apache log I don't see any information, I have already set the log level to Debug, but I don't get any helpful information here.
I have also already tried to update the database, but this has brought no success.
Unfortunately I have never worked with Redmine or Ruby.
Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?