Can Installations be Seeded or Configured Entirely via Configuration Files/YMLs?

Added by Alex Botelho 3 months ago

Hi all!

I'm trying to get Redmine setup for the first time. I've been playing with it for about a week. So far I have it deployed via Docker.

I'm trying to get Redmine managed with Puppet, and trying to write the manifests/code to do so. So far this has been a challenge. It seems like only database.yml, and configuration.yml are acceptable files to edit. I've tried editing settings.yml, which appears to load default settings upon first initialization, but causes the Web UI to spit out errors when trying to click the Settings menu (this was not unexpected).

Is there a way to manage Settings via files? Even if this is just to seed the initial installation. Running Ruby on Rails console commands is not trivial in Puppet, and is quite slow for such a large amount of parameters anyway.

Thanks in advance!