Redmine IMAP issue email move to 'failed' folder

Added by Filippo Gelmo 3 months ago

I am trying to configure IMAP for Redmine so that it reads email from my address and creates an issue directly.
All the emails get marked as read but nothing happens...

This is my bash .sh file:

cd /opt/bitnami/redmine/ #just because this is my install location
rake -f /opt/bitnami/redmine/Rakefile redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" host=IMAP-HOST username=MY-EMAIL password=MY-PASS ssl=1 port=993 project=helping allow_override=project move_on_success=read move_on_failure=failed unknown_user=accept,tracker,status,priority

This is the email I sent from another address (that of a Redmine user already assigned to the project):

This is a test
Project: helping
Tracker: Bug
Status: New
Priority: Normal

Hi, this is a problem

This I believe is the output of the issue creation process in production.log:

I, [2023-03-03T17:23:57.189368 #1755]  INFO -- : [4e2734c0-b8c1-47c4-a5a8-b491d1bc535d] Started GET "/projects/helping/issues" for IP-ADDR at TIME
I, [2023-03-03T17:23:57.192535 #1755]  INFO -- : [4e2734c0-b8c1-47c4-a5a8-b491d1bc535d] Processing by IssuesController#index as HTML
I, [2023-03-03T17:23:57.192766 #1755]  INFO -- : [4e2734c0-b8c1-47c4-a5a8-b491d1bc535d]   Parameters: {"project_id"=>"helping"}
I, [2023-03-03T17:23:57.204312 #1755]  INFO -- : [4e2734c0-b8c1-47c4-a5a8-b491d1bc535d]   Current user: REDMINE-USER (id=7)
I, [2023-03-03T17:23:57.272052 #1755]  INFO -- : [4e2734c0-b8c1-47c4-a5a8-b491d1bc535d]   Rendered issues/index.html.erb within layouts/base (Duration: 37.9ms | Allocations: 15823)
I, [2023-03-03T17:23:57.313510 #1755]  INFO -- : [4e2734c0-b8c1-47c4-a5a8-b491d1bc535d]   Rendered layout layouts/base.html.erb (Duration: 79.4ms | Allocations: 24857)
I, [2023-03-03T17:23:57.314463 #1755]  INFO -- : [4e2734c0-b8c1-47c4-a5a8-b491d1bc535d] Completed 200 OK in 121ms (Views: 75.5ms | ActiveRecord: 10.5ms | Allocations: 31450)

I noticed that when I launch bash it moves the email to the 'failed' folder in my mail client...

Any answer will be very much accepted :)

My environment:

Redmine version 5.0.4.stable
Ruby version 3.0.5-p211 (2022-11-24) [x86_64-linux]
Rails version 6.1.7
Environment production
Database adapter Mysql2