reposman.rb seemingly connecting OK but saying "unknown element"

Added by Jason Sjöbeck about 11 years ago

Hey, hi, all, hope this finds you well.

Thanks for the superb software package here. Really impressive stuff.

I have just read page 1 & page of automating SVN & Redmine repo's & think I am hot on its trail to being complete. I have hit a hurdle. Searching gives me a few hits but those hits dont seem to give me the insight I need. Here is hoping some one can spot where I got sideways. Here are the facts:
centOS 5.x
httpd 2.x
Redmine 0.8.3
using HTTPS
using LDAP
using SVN
all works fine
all on one machine (& predict will be)
I have added a directive to now all /sys/ to be accessible to public but only by a list of 3 static IP addresses (and localhost).

I have created only created (with svn command line) one project so far "test_project" which works & is accessible. I have created about 6 projects inside Redmine using the GUI. I now want to get them working together. There 6 I created in Redmine are yet empty so I could wipe them if I had to (to do this right).

My command and its results are:

[me@www /]$ ruby /var/www/html/redmine-0.8.3/extra/svn/reposman.rb --redmine-host --svn-dir /var/www/svn/ --url file:///var/www/svn/ --verbose
querying Redmine for projects...
Unable to connect to : unknown element: {}html
[me@www /]$

I would love a push in the correct direction as to why it seems to connect but not "see" what we expect it to "see"?

I admit right up front that I do not yet know exactly what is happening where ..... Redmine creating something internal to match what it sees in the file system directories? The file system creating something to match what it sees inside Redmine? The file system & Redmine to sync' up with each other?

Thank so much.