Semi-public projects

Added by James Hardy over 13 years ago

Hi, my company has just started using Redmine (v0.8.4) for internal use. It is hosted on a publicly facing address so that workers can access it from other locations and also for when we need to grant access to sub-contractors.

As we do not wish for anonymous members of the general public (let alone our competitors, or even our clients) to access our data, all projects have been set to not be public and self registration has been disabled (only users set up by an administrator can log into the system).

Something we would like however is for people who are logged in (and therefore are members of staff) to be able to see and browse projects of which they are not members, so what we really need is a level of Publicness between the binary options available. Is there anyway we can achieve this goal as it currently stands (though plugins etc)? If not would it be planned for a future version or should I try raising a feature request?