Default Assignee and/or specify assignee in email-created issue

Added by Arnaud Lesauvage about 12 years ago

Hi all !

We've been using redmine for about 6 weeks now, and we are very pleased with it ! It changed the way wo work, for the better !

There is one thing that I can't really tune to my liking though :
I would like to be able to either set up a default assignee per project/issue type, or to be able to specify the assignee when submiting an issue via email (in the message with an "assignee:" field or in the script with --assignee).
Is there some way to achieve this ?

Something related laso : we are using "my page" a lot. We would like to be able to add custom queries to this page. For instance, I have made a custom query for "unassigned issues", and it would be a nice workaround to my previous question if this query were always visible on "my page".
Is this possible ? I haven't found anything in the doc about it, but I might have not searched with the right terms.

Thanks a lot for your help !

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