Generating graphs?

Added by Noam Lampert almost 15 years ago

I am evaluating the usage of redmine instead of Mercury TestDirector which we have been using for quite a few years.

One of the useful features that I am missing in redmine is the ability to dynamically generate reports on issues. I am writing in hopes that someone on the forum has an idea how I can obtain similar functionality.

For instance, when managing a release and trying to balance the load between a large team of developers, I would many times query the database for a set of relevant bugs, and then create a table or graph that demonstrates for instance how many bug each developer has assigned to him, with breakdown (e.g. color-coded) according to priority. This gives a strong visual on how well the load is balanced in the team.

Another cool graph is a 'trend' graph - allowing me to visualize the change in a specific field over time (e.g. how many bugs were created/fixed/closed each day over the past month). This gives a good idea if the status of the release is converging towards completion.

The CSV feature can be a useful basis for achieving this. I can create a filter, click on the 'csv', open in excel, and create the pivot-table I require. The problem is that every time I modify the query a bit I have to rebuild the pivot table in excel.

Any ideas?