Plugin patching 'query' throws a method_missing undefined method 'l' error (0.9.1)

Added by ciaran jessup over 11 years ago

If you try to:

 require 'redmine' 
 require 'query' 

In a patch or init.rb of a plugin in 0.9.1 redmine refuses to start with the aforementioned error :( This is obviously the i18n method in redmine to localise string but what do I have to do to get this object patchable in a plugin ? Looking around the other models I can't see any other obvious examples where localisation is occurring within the model itself (user,project,issue etc.) and I wonder if this is why I can't see any examples in other plugin code as to how to avoid this problem. Alternatively I'm missing something very obvious (most likely!)

An ideas how I can resolve this ?