Help - Plugin for joining projects

Added by hamid Pourvatan over 11 years ago


I've been looking around for a plugin that allow non-members to send a request to join a project just by clicking join or something and then manager can accept or decline that request.

I found this plugin over internet:

but it doesn't seem to work properly on redmine v-1.2 altho it seems works fine on v-0.9 but I'm using redmine v-1.2.

Any suggestions or other plugins?

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RE: Help - Plugin for joining projects - Added by Eric Seigne about 11 years ago

Here is the solution

  • lib/join_project/patches/project_patch.rb
     module ProjectPatch
       def self.included(base)
         base.send(:include, InstanceMethods)
+        base.class_eval do
+          safe_attributes 'project_subscription'
+        end
         base.class_eval do
           validates_inclusion_of :project_subscription, :in => join_options, :allow_nil => true, :allow_blank => 'true'