subversion not working with webdav plugin

Added by Anselm Strauss almost 11 years ago


i have a working redmine 1.3 with apache, mod_passenger, mysql and webdav plugin on centos. webdav works fine for a test project, if i connect with cadaver webdav client over https i can cd into my project and see the files/repository folders. the repository folder is empty since it was created but has no commits yet. but if i do a

svn co https://<server>/webdav/abc/repository repo

i always get

svn: OPTIONS of 'https://<server>/webdav/abc/repository': 200 OK (https://<server>)

and nothing is checked out, although it says "ok". rails logs this:

Processing WebdavController#webdav (for <ip> at 2012-02-21 18:18:09) [OPTIONS]
  Parameters: {"action"=>"webdav", "id"=>"abc", "controller"=>"webdav", "path_info"=>["repository"], "options"=>{"xmlns:D"=>"DAV:", "activity_collection_set"=>nil}}
Completed in 35ms (View: 0, DB: 19) | 200 OK [https://<server>/webdav/abc/repository]

when i go with cadaver to the same url it is fine, there is just no content yet. the webdav plugin does support svn read/write, right? what is the correct url for svn? should i see the conf/db/format/... folders from the svn repository in the webdav folder?


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RE: subversion not working with webdav plugin - Added by Arnaud Martel almost 11 years ago


Webdav plugin is not designed for subversion access. If you really want to use a subversion client, then you need to install subversion on your server (including the apache module mod_dav_svn). You may find useful information in Repositories_access_control_with_apache_mod_dav_svn_and_mod_perl

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