New WYSIWYG for Wiki

Added by Nikolay Gniteev about 10 years ago

Aloha! I've just created another WYSIWYG Wiki Editor plugin. It's based on Aloha-editor as WYSIWYG engine, and redmine_wysiwyg_textile core for HTML to Textile conversion.
Please take a look on it: redmine_aloha_wiki

I had split HTML to Textile conversion into a separate plugin redmine_conv_htmltotextile so it can be reused by anyone. be true it still needs a rework as right now some parts of it are sticked to redmine_wysiwyg_textile

NOTE: tested on Redmine 1.4 only

P.S.: I'm newbie to all this and easily can misunderstand something so good advice is always welcomed.

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RE: New WYSIWYG for Wiki - Added by Ricardo García Fernández over 9 years ago

Hi! I'm testing your plugin in redmine 2.x and only installing it breaks wiki editors page with 500 Server Error.

It's installed in plugins section but it's not functional. I have a newbie question, Doesn't need a routes.rb file to run ?

Another question is: how could I test Aloha plugin ? (test_helper.rb)

I'm newbie in RoR too :)


And I've updated redmine_conv_htmltotextile and redmine_wysiwyg_textile to work in redmine2.0 with new routes. I'll lpush it to github later.

Good job and thanks for all !