"View all issues" plugin

Added by Jan Niggemann (redmine.org team member) about 8 years ago

Imagine the following situation:
You work in lots of different projects and you have a lot of issues assigned in each of them.

To quickly get an overview, you may want to see all issues from all projects you're assigned to, regardless of what project is currently active.

The default way to open a project-agnostic view on all issues would be to
1) open "My Page"
2) click "View all issues" beneath "Reported issues"
3) click "View all issues" on the right, taking you to "http://yourhost.com/issues?set_filter=1"

I created a plugin for my organization that places the link "View all issues" into the top menu next to "Projects".
In case someone is interested it's available at github:

Happy coding!