Web Directory for Plugins

Added by Tiago Franco about 11 years ago


I'm very quiet in these forums, but I've been using Redmine since 0.8. My company has recently launching an open source plugin, and we've been receiving pull requests from @marutosi (many thanks). The plugin can be found at

On our installation of Redmine we use a few plugins, including the payed version of Redmine Contacts. But since the beginning, I've found it very hard to understand which plugins are good, and with an active community. IMHO, the wiki approach currently in use is not the best for this.

Note: There might be already something out there for this, but I don't know it.

I wonder if there is space to build something similar to rubygems, where all plugins can be listed, searched, etc. Each plugin page should show who are the maintainers, and how active is it (this can be done with github integration). It should also show the versions of Redmine that are supported by the plugin.

For what I see, we need at least two components:

  1. A web page
  2. A gem to help people building and publishing the plugins
  3. Hosting

I can check with my company to see if we can contribute with design, and prob. some effort for the development of the app. It would be nice to have more people working on this, and prob. someone responsible for the gem.

It would also be nice to have a company providing the hosting for this.

IMHO, this should be a free service, with some logos on the page. Just like rubygems - where several companies joined to put that together and added their logos to the page.

Does this makes sense? Or this is a complete non-sense?