Impasse + redmine - Duplicate test case

Added by Bruna de Miranda over 7 years ago

Good morning,
   Initially I would like to introduce myself, I'm using the plugin's standoff with the redmine few months after restarting before an experiment with TestLink plugin that meets the needs of the project which I participate.

  I would love to contribute to the development of this plugin because I recognize its usefulness.

  But the "impasse" presents the following issue: some test cases even these are duplicates are reported for different users;
  I would check if this problem is related to how to use the plugin, since I'm using a structure of a test plan associated with a set of test case.
  The attached image demonstrates how the test case are duplicated.
  I also came across with is the following problem: the test case that were not disfellowshipped denounced the test plan, is there any way I can delete these test cases, test plan, because through the interface they are not removed .