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Added by Richard Kuesters over 9 years ago

Hello all.

I don't know if it's all the same to you, but I think it is really anoying to have paid plugins in the plugins directory. Besides the issues around selling code that derivates from the GPLv2 License, I don't think they belong to the open directory. If they must have it's space, at least they must be tagged or go to another directory (let's say, marketplace?).

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RE: "Annoying" plugins on official list - Added by Richard Kuesters over 9 years ago

Hi Javi!

Well, now there's another point that no one have questioned before: full compatibility with Redmine. I think you're right and non-Redmine native compatible plugins should be, indeed, axed from the directory. The others (payed ones, etc, etc); should get a tagging system and/or icons, which most of the users in this thread have agreed already.


RE: "Annoying" plugins on official list - Added by Jan Niggemann (redmine.org team member) over 9 years ago

Dear Richard and others,

thank you for your input on this topic. We appreciate your opinions and views.
Please understand that this topic is multi-faceted and can be looked at from different angles.

The Redmine development team will discuss this internally and I'll post back here when we have decided what to do.
While we talk about this subject and the concerns brought forth by some, I'll lock this topic and make it sticky so it doesn't get buried.

Redmine Community Relations Team

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