"Issue History Filter" plugin

Added by Vadim Dmitriev over 8 years ago


I've just published Issue History Filter Plugin. This plugin adds dialog with simple filters to hide comments or details you are not interested in to let you quickly skim through issue history for the information you need.

  • Show/hide details in the history entries (i.e. changed values of the issue attributes)
  • Show/hide comment text in the history entries
  • Show only history entries that contain specific string
  • Show only history entries that contain modification for the specific issue attribute
  • Show only history entries from the specific author

I have zero experience with Ruby or Redmine API, so I have no idea about this plugin's compatibility. Locally I use it with Redmine 2.5.1.

Sources and detailed description available here: https://github.com/allati/redmine_issue_history_filter

Hope this plugin will be useful!
Improvements suggestions and code review are welcome!

~ Vadim