Paste table into textile?

Added by Dmc NSG over 7 years ago

I'm looking for plugin that will allow me to paste word/outlook/excel table into textile.
Users now are complaining that they can't use tables, they are to complicated for them, most users used to some wysywigs so it's to hard for them to put table inside redmine textile.
I tried ckeditor, but this is not good way to solve simple thing,

I need some textile button that manages to paste table from clipboard. It would be great if format will preserve column width.
I found number of plugins to paste image, but nothing for tables.
Users usually paste them from email or webpage, sometimes excel.

There are few web pages that converts something into textile, but that require to copy and paste several times :(

Do anybody heard about some plugin or macro?

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RE: Paste table into textile? - Added by Larry King about 7 years ago

Maybe you should try Table Tools plugin ( It is very simple in using. The add-ons will not let you just to paste table (and hardly and add-on will help you) but these plugins will mostly simplify your copy-pasting process to let you do it with comfort.`