Time & Attendance 2.2

Added by Dhineshkumar Rajasekar almost 4 years ago

We are happy to announce the release of Time & Attendance plugin version 2.2
Please download it from

Please rate this plugin at http://www.redmine.org/plugins/wk-time

- Made compatible with Redmine 3.2.2.
- Clock-in and clock-out widget in all pages.
- Pagination in the report popup.
- Allow TE Admin to Delete entry in attendance.
- Show/Hide Expense, Attendance and Reports modules.
- Configuration for Min/Max hours per week.
- Configuration for non submission mails to group of users.
- Fixed Does not support other language Issue Id Validation Message.
- Fixed Log Time : Approved/submitted sheet don't allow time entry through edit issue screen.
- Fixed Show 'No record to display' if there is no record in attendance report.
- Fixed Mobile web compatibility.
- Fixed Min Hours Per Day : validation for Min Hours is less then Max Hours.
- Fixed Expense total does not show correctly in Deleted Projects.
- Fixed last day of the month not shown in the attendance report.
- Fixed Does not save expense amount greater then 100000.

We would like to thank Lyra Network for contributing towards French Translation and for partially sponsoring this release.

For any Customization/Support, please contact us, our consulting team will be happy to help you


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