Error in Meetings-Plugin (by Arnau Martel)

Added by Rainer Rutka about 6 years ago

We got a little problem in the (fine!) Meetings-Plugin made by Arnau Martel.

Every time we modify the meetings-page, the start-time is appending one hour.
Our timezone is set to GMT+1 (Berlin).


1) Start-time for a meeting is: 10.00 o'clock
2) I press 'modify'
3) Start-time is set automatically to: 11.00 o'clock (without any modifications made by the user).

So we have to change the start-time again when we modify the contents of a meeting.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much.

Rainer Rutka
University of Konstanz
Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) * High-Performance-Computing (HPC) * KIM-Support and -Base-Services
78457 Konstanz, Germany