ERPmine v3.7

Added by Arunkumar Thangavel over 4 years ago

We are happy to announce the release of ERPmine plugin version 3.7

Please download it from

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Release Notes for 3.7

- Employee Performance Review
- User Utilization Report
- Project profitability Report
- Trial Balance Report
- Summary of accounting transactions
- Configuration for User detail section
- CSV format for Accounting Transactions

Bug Fixing:
- Null pointer in product item controller and view
- Search and Filters
- Account filter not working on Billing page
- Permission for public holiday
- Leave Accruals happening before first year
- Administrator should see the permissions page
- Activity dropdown not loading properly
- Move T&E Admin Groups configuration to permissions page
- Mixed currency in AR Ageing Report
- Remove view accounts and view survey permission from roles and permission

For any Customization/Support, please contact us, our consulting team will be happy to help you


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