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Added by Mats Klepsland almost 14 years ago

Scrumdashboard is a plugin for Redmine. It enables Redmine to better support the Scrum process by giving the users access to a digital "dashboard". This shows the status for the current sprint through a digital representation of a whiteboard with post-it notes detailing User Stories/Features/etc (from the product backlog) which is often used with projects using Scrum.

The data used in the application to display this information is taken from the "Versions","Trackers" and "Issues" you register in your Redmine project.

In other words, the application does not allow you to register new information, it just allows you to display the current registered information in a new manner to give you a quick status overview. It also allows for manipulation of some of the data (specifically dragging & dropping user stories/tasks to new statues - by supporting the workflow configured for the project).

A typical scenario involves a number of versions, that can be named such as "Sprint 1", "Sprint 2" and a series of trackers, such as "User Story", "Feature", "Bug". It will display all the trackers that are linked to a specific version (sprint) in the application.

- Drag & Drop to change the status of an issue, following the workflow
- Change the types of statuses/trackers displayed on the dashboard
- Column sorting for statuses
- Choose which version to display on the dashboard
- Tooltips for each issue
- Display all the issues or only the issues assigned to the current user
- Configure colors for issues displayed

For more information check out the README file in our Github repository:

Note that this is our first project in Ruby on Rails so please go easy on us :)

scrumdashboard_1.png - Redmine-scrumdashboard-plugin: Main page (80.8 KB)

scrumdashboard_4.png - Redmine-scrumdashboard-plugin: Configuration page (97.6 KB)

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Dashboard doesn't display tasks - Added by Florian A. about 11 years ago

I installed your plugin on Redmine 1.2.3.stable.8636 and added a "User Story" category. Then I activated the Scrumdashboard plugin and configured it like so:

Trackers on this Dashboard:

  • Bug
  • Feature
  • Support
  • User Story

Main tracker:

  • User Story

Select statuses to show for this project:

  • New
  • In progress
  • Closed
  • Rejected

What I did:
I created a User Story and some Feature/Support tasks, which are assigned to the User Story as sub tasks:

  • User Story 1 (task # 1)
    • Feature A (task # 2, parent task # 1)
    • Feature B (task # 3, parent task # 1)
    • Support C (task # 4, parent task # 1)

What happens:
I can see my User Story, but I don't see any Tasks. If I change the dashboard's configuration and check the "Main tracker" property for all categories, then I can see all my tasks in the dashboard, however they are not in User Story's swimlane.

What I expected:
Show all subtasks in the dashboard, each of them aligned in the swimlane of the parent User Story.

What am I doing wrong? Is there any further development in progress for this modules? If not, are there any alternatives?



RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by Dennis Schmittdiel almost 11 years ago

I've the same problem as Florian is there any solution for this?

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by Renan Lima almost 11 years ago


I`m not able to display the issues in the dashboard like it is showed in the figure scrumdashboard_1.png .
Every issue that appears in my dashboard occupies one row exclusively. I`d like to see all the issues in the top and more than one issue per row, like I`m seing in the exemple that Mats added in the description. Am I doing anything wrong? I looked for any configuration flag at settings, but I have no success.

I`m adding a picture to exemplify what`s happening.


dashboard.jpg (75.4 KB)

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by TridenT Job almost 11 years ago

@Renan Lima, this is because you need to define a main tracker in the dashboard configuration.

Generally, you have Backlog items and stories. Stories have a backlog ancestor and are displayed in the same row.

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by TridenT Job about 10 years ago

This plugin seems to be incompatible with v2.x redmine.
I tried to migrate and have no error message, but project that enabled this module now displays a HTTP 404 error.

I haven't found any upgraded version.

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by Denis Savitskiy about 10 years ago

I'm trying to adapt this plugin for RedMine v2.x.x

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by TridenT Job about 10 years ago

@Denis That's a good news. Keep us inform about your progress on the forum !

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by Denis Savitskiy about 10 years ago

TridenT Job wrote:

@Denis That's a good news. Keep us inform about your progress on the forum !

Is there anybody knowing a good solution for migrating Prototype helpers (f.e. form_observer) into jquery for rails 3.x?

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by TridenT Job almost 10 years ago

@Denis : any news about the upgrade ?
And sorry to see you had no reply on your question, but I'm not competent to help.

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by Denis Savitskiy over 9 years ago

Sorry, I have no time to support the plugin due to my graduation work for university till summer.

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by TridenT Job over 9 years ago

ok, I can understand !
I think I will move to another dashboard plugin.

Here is a list of identified plugin.

I will test some and choose according to
  • Features : plugin match with users needs
  • Sustainability : plugin is mature, active (follow latest Redmine version) with a serious tracking (bug/feature) management.
  • Installation : plugin is easy to install with few or no dependency. Easy to upgrade also !

RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin - Added by Alain SALMETOZ over 9 years ago

We are using this plugin in our company, but it is not working with Redmine 2.x.
We can pay for an upgrade of this component, and we will send it back to the community.

Anyone interested, please contact me by email !
Alain SALMETOZ | APC by Schneider Electric | IT Business | Software-Firmware Methods and Tools Leader

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