Developer Rates Plugin

Added by Shaun Gilroy almost 15 years ago

Hi Folks--

I've been working on a plugin for a bit that we've just open-sourced.

Essentially, this plugin allows you to attach an hourly rate to each time entry. You allows you to enter rates by Customer, Project, User and Activity.

There's currently no reporting built into the plugin, so you have to either run sql against the database or generate your own. This is something I plan on implementing in the future as I have the time.

Check it out. Any feedback or thoughts on useful features are welcome!


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RE: Developer Rates Plugin - Added by Eric Davis almost 15 years ago

I'll have to check this out and see how it compares to my Rate Plugin.


RE: Developer Rates Plugin - Added by Shaun Gilroy almost 15 years ago

Heh. It's marginally different in philosophy. Like I mentioned before. It was replacing an existing system separate from the issue tracker, so it had specific things it needed to do.

I'd love to hear any thoughts you have on how it might be improved.

RE: Developer Rates Plugin - Added by Jason Messmer almost 15 years ago

I actually implemented a net saved plugin which is kind of similar. Basically, on my team we support a list of tools and we needed a way to figure out what tool to work on next (to do next list) besides using the priority. For the net saved plugin, the user enters the amount of time (hours) a specific Feature/Enhancement/Bug saves them a year. Based on the hours saved a year, estimated time and time spent, the plugin will calculate the estimated cost saving a year and actual cost saving a year [ the calculation is based on some developer rate ]. In my environment, we are trying to be lean and not implement features or tools that are not cost saving...