New plugin - integration

Added by ciaran jessup over 14 years ago

I've just put up a first rough draft of a plugin that lets redmine 'tweet' when stuff happens. Currently as a pure proof of concept this means that whenever an issue is updated a message is sent with the user who made the change mentioned as '@login_name' and the issue number as a hashtag.

The advantage of this approach imho is that it lets an organisation have a dedicated server that handles all the micro-blogging functionality for the organisation/group and just lets redmine worry about what to say to it, rather than store all the messages and avatars itself.

My intention would be to catch various changes such as:
  • Repository commits
  • Issue creation
  • Issue updates
  • Project creation
  • Project updates
  • Wiki changes
People could then setup searches in their favourite microblogging client application to see what they're interested in, ie.
  • Everything that bob has been involved with
  • All conversations about issue 4, including all changes
  • All mentions of component x y and z.

The plugin in its roughest simplest form is currently here : To use it effectively you will need a pre-existing twitter or account to configure as your redmine server's account. (It is primarily intended to be used with a 'local' intranet server instance using developer accounts on it with the same 'nickname' as their redmine login names).

An alternative (more developed) plugin that takes a different approach and builds micro-blogging directly into redmine can be found here: .

The redmine-status-updates plugin allows developers on a project to micro-blog from within redmine, whereas I would like redmine itself to be doing the issue orientated micro-blogging, and developers could send their own micro-blogs from their own desktop/pre-existing clients. (I guess a long term ideal would be to combine the approaches allowing someone to have the micro-blogging stuff stored in redmine, or use a 3rd party engine, long term goals perhaps ?)

Feedback welcome :)