Authentification from another domail

Added by Darryl nabster about 11 years ago


I want connect Redmine to another web application, and want my user to be automatically connected to Redmine base on their credentials using in my systems.
So i create a form with the user informations username, password and submit the form. I have retrieved the authentification key and have inserted in the form before the submission.

But in the Redmine log, i can see that i have an error on the line reset_session saying that it can't find a hash method on Object.

def logged_user=(user)
    if user && user.is_a?(User)
      User.current = user
      session[:user_id] =
      User.current = User.anonymous

If i comment this line, i can successfully login my users, but they can't be disconnected from Redmine.

Is their any solution i can use to solve this out?