incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and CP850

Added by Dieudo FASS about 11 years ago

I installed 1.2.1 on Windows with redmine RailsInstaller 2.0.0 which contains Ruby 1.9.2.
I have chosen French as default language rake redmine: load_default_data).
When I start redmine and I connect, I'm English. I go into my account and I change the language through French and I get the message error:
Processing AdminController#index (for at 2011-09-29 09:10:26) [GET]
Parameters: {"controller"=>"admin", "action"=>"index"}
Rendering template within layouts/admin
Rendering admin/index
ActionView::TemplateError (incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and CP850) on line #64 of app/views/layouts/base.rhtml:
62: <div id="content">
66: <div style="clear:both;"></div>
67: </div>

app/views/layouts/base.rhtml:64:in `concat' app/views/layouts/base.rhtml:64:in `_run_rhtml_app47views47layouts47base46rhtml' app/views/layouts/admin.rhtml:8:in `_run_rhtml_app47views47layouts47admin46rhtml' <internal:prelude>:10:in `synchronize' C:/Program Files/railsInstallers/RailsInstaller/Ruby1.9.2/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/httpserver.rb:111:in `service' C:/Program Files/railsInstallers/RailsInstaller/Ruby1.9.2/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/httpserver.rb:70:in `run' C:/Program Files/railsInstallers/RailsInstaller/Ruby1.9.2/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/server.rb:183:in `block in start_thread'I need help, thank you in advance

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RE: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and CP850 - Added by Etienne Massip about 11 years ago

You should post in Help forum.

Ruby 1.9 is not supported by Redmine yet, please refer to RedmineInstall.

RE: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and CP850 - Added by Toshi MARUYAMA about 11 years ago

Trunk r6461 fixes this problem.