Redmine REST API and VB6

Added by mee m over 12 years ago

i was recently asked to integrate a VB6 program with Redmine to automatically create new Issues.
I run into this post with Delphi code and i followed the same logic using a Winsock object and a string to store my xml.

Now everything works fine when the Issue's subject and description are in english but when the are changed to greek (my native language) i always get a 500 Internal Error from server and from the logs i can understand that it seems to be an issue with the encoding so xml i send isn't "read" till the end even though it is stored as UTF-8.

Does anybody has any idea about this problem? Maybe someone that had the same problem solved it somehow?
I'm really lost with this because of the encoding!!
And a suggestion: How about enabling the REST API accepting URL Encoded xml fields to solve similar problems more easily?

Any help is useful!
Thanks in advance!!