Help in getting redmine ruby or ror environment

Added by txemi M over 10 years ago

Hi, I use redmine with other developers to manage several projects and I need to do complex queries and updates on redmine data and I do not want to bypass redmine business logic so I do not want to use ETL on redmine database.

I have made similar things in other apps using python or other languages (mailman...) and I am sure it must be possible on redmine.

Motivation for that is that I need to do reports, queries, summaries and batch updates that cannot be done from redmine UI so I consider making them from software.

As an example I mention some of the problems I need to solve:

1) I need to know all tasks with time logs in a given month for a report.
This query cannot be done from UI so now I do it manually (very tedious) and I would like to do it with a script. From that script I would mark selected tasks using a redmine custom field so then I can use it from redmine UI for a simple query.

2) I need to update version field in batch mode using some calculation from other custom fields and create project version in case it does not exists. (We are not going to use this custom field anymore, redmine version field instead from now).

3) Time machine: I need to make some calculation on task data but not using today values past values instead, navigating though log. This is for instance, for comparing pending work for project on a given date with pending work today for planning and tracking purposes.

All of these tasks could be made easily by software if I would be able to run a redmine native development envitonment (ruby...) and use redmine ruby objects for tasks and projects.

¿Could you help me?