More flexible reminder e-mails than reminder.rake?

Added by Craig Rodrigues over 10 years ago

We are using Redmine for our project ( ).
I need to send e-mail notifications to our developers, for bugs that are assigned to them
for which they have not updated in the past 7 days.

I took a look at RedmineReminderEmails , but the existing reminder.rake script is
not flexible enough for my needs. For reminder.rake, I need to know exactly
the numerical user id of each user for whom I want to send a notification e-mail.
This is not good enough. I need to make a list of users based on some database query,
and then send e-mail notifications to each user.

I took a look at:

  1. Reminder code in Redmine:
  2. Redmine Update Reminder plugin by arkhitech:

The arkhitech plugin came close, but didn't do exactly what I needed.

Therefore, I wrote my own plugin:

This plugin does exactly what I need. This was my first time writing a Redmine plugin!

I would like to make this plugin more flexible.
Instead of hardcoding the ActiveRecord database query inside a rake task,
I would like to create a web page where I can use the query editor to construct the query,
then I would like to save the query in the database.
I would also like to be able to create and edit multiple queries from the same
page, and then save each query in the database.

For each query, I would like to save this information in the database:
  1. The database query which selects all the issues
  2. The time interval by which to execute the query (once a day, once a week, etc.)
  3. In addition to the Assignee, I want to add any e-mails to CC: with the email notification

Is there a plugin which does all this?
If not, can someone suggest some coding examples for how to do this?
How can I re-use the query editor in Redmine in my own plugin?


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RE: More flexible reminder e-mails than reminder.rake? - Added by Gary Pinkham about 10 years ago

I found this one on github and it seems to do the trick for me.. it has web based config but is trigger by a cron job.. (so cron to pick how often to run and the config to decide what to check, period for due date check etc..)