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My name is Handy Bolt and I'm working in development company - Cleveroad.

Cleveroad is a team of highly dedicated and skilled designers, developers and managers, who have launched over 150 successful projects. Every client, whether it’s a big corporation or an individual, is valuable for us. We focus on long-term relations, which is possible as long as there is mutual understanding and the order is accomplished on terms and within the budget.

Our development team has implemented an integration with Redmine. The main feature of this integration is synchronization of Redmine issues and EasyyQA Agile Board.

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Handy Bolt
QA, Cleveroad
mobile software development services

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RE: an integration with Redmine - Added by Taras Lodels about 1 year ago

As a developer at Apiko software development company, I am incredibly proud of the integration we have created with Redmine. This integration is a testament to our team's dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional software solutions.

The integration with Redmine seamlessly connects various systems and tools, providing a comprehensive project management experience. It allows users to effortlessly synchronize data, track progress, and collaborate effectively within the Redmine environment.

One of the standout features of our integration is its flexibility and customizability. We have designed it to adapt to the unique needs and workflows of different businesses. Whether it's automating task creation, integrating with external systems, or generating insightful reports, our integration with Redmine can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

RE: an integration with Redmine - Added by Michael Blint 8 months ago

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