An idea to improve Custom Fields (List and Key/Value List)

Added by Jose Manuel Vela over 4 years ago

First the normal procedure:

1. Create a list or Key/Value List with for example elements:

"Value 1"
"Value 2"
"Value 3"

2. Then enable "Multiple values"
3. Select Display checkboxes

What you get when u create / edit the issue is the list with format:

[] Value 1
[] Value 2
[] Value 3

As you can see the default value for each checkbox is always "NO/False"

Improvement 1:

Sometimes if the list is long and the typical value is "Yes/True" or any other combination takes a lot for the users to select everything for the first time....

Would be really nice that when u create/edit the custom field you could set default value for each checkbox (YES/NO) this way when you create an issue you could directly get something like this:

[*] Value 1
[*] Value 2
[*] Value 3

Improvement 2:

what about if you add a more complex "display" ¿? now you can select dropdown list or checkboxes.

Imagine that you have a issue like fix problem "x"... In your department there are more Projets that could have this problem... some of them u are sure that has this bug but the rest.... you don't know.... so you create a "custom display" with options "YES/NO/TBC" and you could have something like this:

[YES] Value 1
[NO] Value 2
[TBC] Value 3

Probably the second improvement is more difficult.... but number one... I think is nearly a must !!

Will wait for news !

Many thanks !!