Some notes on install for current version 5.0.4

Added by Joan J over 1 year ago

I am follwing the install docs for the current version 5.0.4 on ubuntu 22.04 (here), and found some parts of the document that need clarification (or being updated), I would have done it myself but the page is locked

There should be a note telling you to install the development headers for postgres (libpq-dev on debian/ubuntu - postgresql-devel on centos)

  • On step 4
    Bundler discourages the use of --without as a flag, instead recommending to use it as a config option, so it should be

    bundle config set --local without 'development test'

And then all the commands without the --without flag

bundle install


bundle install rmagick
  • On Step 9
    On recent rails versions the server being used needs to be passed with -u, so instead of
    bundle exec rails server webrick -e production
    It will be
    bundle exec rails server -u webrick -e production

Also in the additional dependencies there should be a tip on installing webrick (now it only mentions puma) since is needed later in the install