Patch #1008

redmine:migrate_from_trac doesn't work when multibyte characters are used in trac.

Added by okkez _ almost 15 years ago.

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redmine:migrate_from_trac doesn't work when I use multibyte characters in trac.
So I wrote a simple patch for this problem.

I think this patch makes the task so slow.

Why the task doesn't work?
Because Ruby's String#[pos, length] counts bytes (Ruby1.8), but database counts characters (varchar(30)).

Another way, you fix database schema.
For example:

  issue_categories name varchar(30) -> varchar(255)

But this way cannot solves real problem in the task.

migrate_from_trac.patch Magnifier (505 Bytes) okkez _, 2008-04-07 08:54

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