Feature #10203

Limit the amount of data returned by scm diff commands

Added by Cheyenne Wills over 10 years ago.

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We have encountered a problem where Redmine exhausts memory processing the output of the SCM diff command (subversion in our case).

I would like to propose a solution where the size of the diff output is verified prior to trying to process the data in UnifiedDiff.


UnifiedDiff has code that limits the number of lines shown when displaying diffs (options[:max_lines]). The problem is that the input to UnifiedDiff can exceed the memory of the system before the check for max_lines can be performed.

Suggested solution(s):

in /lib/redmine/scm/adapters, modify the scm adapters to limit the output from the {scm} diff command.
  • One possible solution would be to instead show a summary of the differences and allow the user to select an individual file.
  • Another solution add code to the diff function within {scm}_adapter.rb to perform a diff --summarize first and count the number of files changed and return an error message if it exceeds a threshold.

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