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Per-project 'Issue Closed' status customization

Added by Kean Stump over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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We are getting internal requests for the ability to set the various issue statuses (states, statii?) that map into 'Issue Closed' on a per-project basis.

Currently the issue statuses mapping affects all projects in the redmine instance. Our development projects have different status models, and this change would allow developers to use the status model that fits their workflow.


Project A would like the following:

Status      Default value    Issue closed
New              X
Resolved                     X
Closed                       X
Rejected                     X

Project B would like the following:

Status      Default value    Issue closed
New              X
Closed                       X
Rejected                     X

I've looked through the feature requests and plugins and haven't seen anything that enables this. Enlightenment requested if I'm blind.

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#4 Updated by Terence Mill about 10 years ago

sorry, but i set my +1 wrong.
It doesn't make sense to have close status per project but per tracker. At the moment you can define workflow per tracker but only one start and end state for all trackers.
+1 for optionally own start and end state per tracker not per project

#5 Updated by Daniel Felix over 9 years ago

This relates to #973.
Maybe it could be closed as duplicate? If the whole functionality of #973 getting implemented, he should be able to implement this!

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