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Add additional Field similar to "estimated time"

Added by Jan von Neree over 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

Time tracking
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Hey guys,

I really need an additional field for time tracking similar to "estimated time". Since the estimated time is connected to cost calculation in my company, it would be great to have an additional time field. It would be important to hide it from several roles and that it wouldn’t appear in the change log/ticket history.

Thanks a lot!

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Updated by Jan von Neree over 12 years ago

Okay, I try to specify it a bit further:

I really need an additional field for time tracking similar to "estimated time". We'd like to further distinguish between the estimated time - which is sold to the customer - and the internal effort estimation.
As you can imagine, there might be a small gap (called profit margin) and we don't want our clients so see this field at all; neither in the ticket summary/head nor in the change log/ticket history (just like "spent time").
I'm sure others will find this helpful too to keep trace of the logged time compared to the internal estimation and not, as it is now, compared to the sold effort. Thereby we don't have to take a note of what has actually been estimated and what we've added.

My suggestion is to insert a field called "internal estimation" which can be enabled for editing and viewing within the time tracking section when configuring permissions (add two check boxes "Edit internal estimation" and "View internal estimation").

Is that feasible?

Thanks a lot!

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Updated by S. Boese almost 12 years ago


Any news on this topic?

I'd like to see such feature implemented too - for almost the same reason.

Would be great to hear from some of the Redmine dudes whether there's a chance they put it on their roadmap.

Thanks in advance


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