Feature #11210

Ability to set default values for any fields of a task individually for each user and/or project

Added by Ilya Demenkov over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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When posting a long series of bugs to Redmine, I have to manually type-in or select the sames values for several fields (such as Assignee, Version, etc.) over and over again.

Currently default values can be set for some fields, but not for all of them, and what's worse, there's only global default values, not user-specific or project-specific default values.

It would be great if Redmine would allow users to easily set and change default values for any fields of a task. Either globally or individually for different projects. This is a feature of HP Mercury Quality Center that I really miss in Redmine.

User's defaults should override global defaults.

User's project-specific defaults should override user's defaults and global defaults.

There should be an option for who can change default values - only admins (for any users) or any users (for themselves only).

redmine_issue_templates-0.0.5.zip - Templating issues by Project/Tracker (48.6 KB) John McBade, 2013-08-28 01:57


#1 Updated by John McBade over 9 years ago


I thought it was possible in an earlier version this, or something very much like it, was possible.

Am I imagining this? If the feature went away, why?

#2 Updated by John McBade over 9 years ago

This plugin solved this issue for me: redmine_issue_templates-0.0.5.zip

Might be nice as a default feature, but this works too.


#3 Updated by Ilya Demenkov over 9 years ago

Hello John McBade,

Unfortunately, this plugin only allows to set default title and description - clearly not what I wanted. It's better than nothing though.

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