Defect #12669

Filter preset does not save "projects" filter settings

Added by Eugene B almost 10 years ago.

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2.2.0 Version have brought a nice feature where we can make a preset of our

I have my own project, where I spend most of my time, but also I have a few
others, when I can have questions for me as well. I have made a filter preset
which shows a task list with specified list of projects, columns. But if I run
this preset inside my Project, it only shows the tasks bound to me in this project,
even if the saved filter preset contains a few project list to dispaly. If I
manually enter to "edit" preset and just press "Apply" it works ok. I have a
little workaround, to save a bookmark to this "all project" filter so that it
works ok.

the query string inside my project is:
and this way, it only shows issues that are inside "supplytasks" project

but if I run the same query from:
it work good for me, applying the filter to all the project, where I

Also the thing is, I cant add a "Project" string to filter preset, If I try to
save it being inside my project, but I can add this "Project" string If I try
to save my preset, from the page "My page" => My tasks "show all tasts" (under the
first 10)

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