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Rest API, add repository to project

Added by Yurii Khmelevskii about 10 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I use init script that initialize my new project. It create project in redmine with help Rest API. I use gitolite-redmine plugin(https://github.com/ivyl/redmine-gitolite) that create git repository, if created it in redmine.
If I can create repository in redmine with RestAPI i can finished my script for automatization create new project. I am find topic http://www.redmine.org/boards/1/topics/29489 and i see, that feature needed not only for me.

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#1 Updated by Nick Tan almost 10 years ago

+1 for this feature.
either new REST API or command line for repository are OK.

in our case, we'd like to create the project and then create the git repo (with redmine_gitolite plugin) as well automatically.

for now, the only workaround is to simulate the HTTP Post as below:

Form Data

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#2 Updated by Dimitris Kapanidis almost 10 years ago


For Repo creation currently, I also use the POST directly, but would like to see an API for it.

#3 Updated by Rafael B. almost 9 years ago


Isn’t the authenticity_token generated and stored in each session? Providing a token which you got from the source code of a form of a page would only work until the session expires. Is this true?

Is there a more reliable workaround for adding a repository to a project? I also don’t mind if it’s a CLI or API solution.

#4 Updated by André Jonsson over 8 years ago

And also adding an option like /projects/{id}.xml?include=repositories, which would subsequently include the repository info for the requested project.

btw, I currently use a ruby script to accomplish this:

 repos = Repository::Mercurial.new;
 repos.url = 'file://blablabla';
 repos.project = Project.find_by_identifier('{id}');
... which is generated at run-time and execute using rails' runner.
However, this is quite slow and slightly icky.

#5 Updated by Jimmy Praet over 2 years ago

I'm also trying to simulate it as an HTTP form post in the mean time, but keep getting an error "Can't verify CSRF token authenticity".

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