Feature #1411

Add support for tag-browsing in CVS

Added by David Marín Carreño over 14 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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In my firm we are evaluating redmine for use against a pre-existing CVS server.
We use branching and tagging very intensely.

Is planned to give support for browse among tags and branches in a CVS repository?

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#1 Updated by Adam Soltys over 13 years ago

I'm working on a patch for this. I've already got branch/tag browsing working for git and mercurial repositories. More to come soon, hopefully. See #1406 for more information.

#2 Updated by Gareth Sylvester-Bradley almost 13 years ago

The repository browsers are one of the great things about Redmine. I'm stuck with supporting CVS repositories but I very much like the Redmine CVS integration, the aggregation of file revisions into changesets, etc.

However, it would definitely help to be able to see CVS tag and branch names in the browser, and preferably to limit the view to a particular branch or tag.

Is anyone still working on this?

#3 Updated by Pit Seberum about 12 years ago

How are things going on CSV branches browsing?

#4 Updated by Damien Couderc about 12 years ago


Could be nice for both tags and branches

#5 Updated by Dominik Follmann about 8 years ago


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