Feature #1429

Clone-able Modules

Added by Geordee Naliyath over 14 years ago.

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Once again, Redmine is great. I keep discovering how I can use Redmine for varied purposes. Currently I use it for Project Management and Knowledge Management. Here is how I use it currently.

Issue Module
How I wish if it was called Tracker Module instead of Issue Module. I have renamed the words Issue into Tracker and Ticket in the yml file. I use this module to track

  • Tasks
  • Reviews (Fagan's Inspection, well almost - I am able to collect the comments and metrics)
  • Tests
  • Defects (I link defects to review/test using related ticket, so that I can compute metrics using an SQL query). Some custom fields like Root Cause is added to this tracker.
  • Audits and audit findings
  • Reusable components

Here I get all the tickets (issues), in one page (of course filtering, custom queries, saved queries etc. are possible), even though they are unrelated. The problem is when I get the Spent Time updated. There is an Activity list there which is not related to the type of tracker. For example, for a review, I get activities that are not related to review listed there.

News Module
I use News Module for project announcements and blogs. It's all mixed up because you cannot categorize News. So I add a tag in the subject line to indicate whether it is an announcement or a blog.

This feature request is specific to cloning the modules. Is it possible to clone modules (specifically issues and news) without duplicating the code-base? Is it possible to have a feature, which essentially uses the same code-base, back-end, but keeps different instances functionally separate for the user?

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