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Migrate from Mantis 1.2.15 to Redmin 2.3.2

Added by Risaer Garnburg over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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for a few hours now I tried to import my mantis project.
I've tried a lot of modified .rakes, also trying to modify them myself but nothing worked. All different versions and fixes I found fixed something so got to the next error.
Or to the previous, then I modified sth. and I skipped one. Now I've messed up both databases, I'm completely puzzled and nearly giving up.

The errors I've got are (from memory): several "time errors" (depending on which fixing level), weak password, missing project_category_table and the latest one: duplicate id

Isn't there anybody who has a working .rake for Mantis 1.2.15 to Redmin 2.3.2?

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You should have post this in Forum for help :

#2 Updated by Craig Rodrigues over 9 years ago

You might want to see if these tickets are relevant to your problem with Mantis:
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  • Related to Defect #14969: ActiceSupport::TimeWithZone failed in migrate_from_mantis.rake added

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