Feature #1573

LDAP username case sensitivity as an auth option

Added by Konrad Kosmowski over 14 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2008-07-04
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Category:Accounts / authentication
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It would be nice to have an option which sets if to respect account name case sensitivity.

Some directories/environments (like unix) are case sensitivive some just aren't (like Active Directory) my point is not to discuss that fact.

IMHO there should be a global option to set if Redmine respects case sensitivity in usernames or not. The option should be global since Redmine accepts many auth sources and they may be in conflict regarding case sensitivity so it must be set globally for all sources. (or FIXME)

The behaviour of such option should be like:

  • [Respect case sensitivity in account names = on] - this should work like it does now
  • [Respect case sensitivity in account names = off] - this should make all account names lowercase by default

Such option shall not have any impact on existing installations - the default would be to respect case sensitivity.

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