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Workflow Field Permissions - Status-Based Field Visibility

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Just to be clear, this request is specifically for field visibility based on the issue status, not a user role.

I've seen numerous requests opened along these lines, however all I can find are issues relating to custom field visibility based on user roles. Many of the comments include people asking about status-based visibility, but I can't find anything more concrete than comments.

In #8050, the request began with a request for controlling field visibility either by role or by status. Once it was partially completed, the "field visibility" side of the request was moved to #12005, which simply requests "Ability to hide field. Related to #8050.", and goes on to talk about custom field visibility based on roles.

What are the chances of getting an additional option in the Workflow "Field Permissions" tab, in order to hide a custom field based on the associated issue status?

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Just to note: this issue's relation to #12005 is only as far as the description given in the initial issue creation. As per the description in #8050, I'm only thinking of the issue status here, not the "current user's" role.

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Updated by Anonymous almost 10 years ago

As a temporary workaround for this, I've been making use of the Required / Read-Only selection in the Workflow > Field Permissions table. Turns out when the field is not populated, making it "Read-Only" actually hides the field.

I should note here that once any value has been set (in a different status for example) it's always at least visible, it simply can't be updated. So this definitely isn't a permanent solution..


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