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Not proper scanned Markup with point notation

Added by Daniel Felix almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Hi there,

I encountered a little misbehaviour regarding textile markup und . notations.

gets proper parsed (bold test.argh)
gets wrong parsed to (bold .argh - [test] is striped)
is parsed to (bold .argh - {test} is striped, as this is the notation for passing css to the markup, which is correct.)

Is the regular expression maybe wrong and it only parses for *[something in brackets].Text?


#1 Updated by Mario Kishkin almost 5 years ago

Related to #18501.

Textile tries to make from [some_text_without_spaces], if is it right after some formatting definition, a language attribute (there will be no lang attribute if you write random stuff). See

So, this *[some_text_without_spaces] Group name* becomes Group name.

And at the beginning of a line it becomes a list with a lone * at the end:

  • Group name*

There is a regex for what's in square brackets: [a-z\-_]+. So if you use anything else besides lowercase letters, '-' or '_' there will be no problem: *[Test] argh* (capital first letter).

Does not work here though: argh (it is *[Test] argh*). Old version of Redmine is used?

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