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Trimming the project description on projects list can break the text formatting

Added by Anonymous over 8 years ago.

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Hello everyone,

i've encountered a rather annoying bug:

I'm hosting a redmine installation where i've got a project with a table in the project description. When i go to the /projects page, the project description is displayed cut off and the table in the description is not parsed correctly.

I think the reason for this behaviour are the three dots (...) at the end of the line of the description. The textile parser expects a table row to end with a pipe ( | ), gets three dots instead and kinda breaks.

For example:

This is what the table should look like:
col 1 col 2

This is what the table actually looks like because of the trimmed description:

| col 1 | col 2|...

I hope you guys get my explanation. :)

Additional information
Database version: MySQL 5.5.35
Ruby version: 1.9.3-p194
Rails version: 3.2.17
Redmine version: 2.5.0.stable

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