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Reciprocal links (or, "Related wiki pages")

Added by Tiago Carvalho (LabOrders) over 8 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Hi all,

The "Related issues" feature is great: one adds a relation in one issue, and that relation is automatically visible in the other issue.

How to do a similar thing with wiki pages?? (both between wiki-to-wiki and issue-to-wiki pages)
Essentially, if wiki_page_1 cites wiki_page_2, wiki_page_2 should show an automatically link that would let us know that wiki_page_1 is citing it.

We are using Redmine for project management and to generate our documentation. In every issue that we now create we need to cite the wiki page where that feature is documented, and then in the wiki page we need to mention which issues are related with that feature, which is annoying and error-prone.

Similarly, it would be great to have "related pages" among wiki pages too.

EVEN BETTER: an option in which every time I mention an issue or wiki page, the destination issues/pages show automatically which issues/pages cite them.

Is there any plugin to implement such functionality? Any ideas to get around this?


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There seems to be a Plugin called "Redmine Wiki Backlinks" (https://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_wiki_backlinks), on Github (https://github.com/bluezio/redmine_wiki_backlinks) also forked for Redmine 4.x compatibility, but it is limited to the scope of a project, not global.

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