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Time spent in minutes ~ Rounding Error

Added by Kira Schmieja about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:2.5.2


When I enter the folloing values for time spent:
"10 min", "10 min", "10 min"

The task then displays:
"Time spent: 0.51 hour"

I can almost gurantee that this is because redmine converts the minute-entries into hour-entries, rounding at the second digit, instead of saving them as fractions of 60, which would produce a more accurate result.


#1 Updated by Kira Schmieja about 8 years ago

This also happens in the following case:

Time spent: 0,375 h

is saved as

Time spent: 0,38 h

#2 Updated by Leonel Iturralde over 7 years ago

Using redmine-3.0.0 I added to an issue three log times of "10 min" each. And the time showed on the issue was "0.50 hour".
I checked the database(mysql) records for the time entries and it was 0.166667 for the three time log.
On the second example you gave. The database record was 0.375 but it showed 0.38 h. (it was only rounded for two digits)

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